Azomite Tub 2kg

Azomite Tub 2kg

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Azomite is a distinct organic source of a broad spectrum of approximately 70 trace mineral elements and micro-mineral which are vital in both plants and animals. Azomite is mined from mineral-rich volcanic ash deposits and contains a lot of rare elements that are not found in other organic and artificial fertilizer such as silica. 

It is an organically mined mineral source approved by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) thus extensively used in agriculture. Azomite trace minerals are purported to improving mineral contents of the nutrient-depleted soils. It has been proven to generally improve root systems, plant vigor in garden vegetables and field crops. Azomite is also used as a feed ingredient for animals. It supplies the vital trace elements necessary to support optimum plant functions, unlike other conventional fertilizers which focus only on micro-nutrients largely used by crop farmers and gardeners to replenish the depleted trace minerals in the soil. 

Azomite 0-0-0.2 is generally used to enhance and increase the number of fruits and vegetables (also known as "crop yield"). It also improves plant immunity, boosts pest resistance, and generally improves plant health because it increases and improves nutrient amount. Azomite 0-0-0.2 application rates vary depending on where you plan to apply both on turf or lawn, trees, vegetables, and flowers.