CIL Bio Weed & Feed Lawn Food 9kg

CIL Bio Weed & Feed Lawn Food 9kg

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Simple solutions for all your lawn and garden needs. CIL Bio Weed and Feed Lawn Food 9-0-0 is a pre-emergence inhibition of large and smooth crabgrass, white clover and dandelion seed germination in residential lawns where established perennial ryegrass or established Kentucky bluegrass are the predominant grass species.

For best results CIL Bio Weed and Feed should be applied in both the early spring prior to weed seed germination and early fall, after the heat stress has passed for lawns.

  • Helps to thicken turf to reduce weeds
  • 90 percent corn gluten meal
  • Phosphate free
  • No risk of burning
  • Coverage is 93 square meters
  • Prevents dandelions, crabgrass and white clover seeds from germinating