Urban Dog "The Ultimate Antler Dog Chew" - Jumbo

Urban Dog "The Ultimate Antler Dog Chew" - Jumbo

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Did you know? Only Male Elk grow antlers that are naturally shed once a year. In fact, all antlered mammals, including Moose & Deer shed their antlers annually. Once the Elk shed their antlers, they immediately begin to grow back and within 3-4 months, they will have a whole new set of antlers. In fact, in the wild, most animals will enjoy a nibble on antlers they find that have fallen in the woods.

This cycle will continue for their entire life making antlers a healthy, all natural & sustainable product for our dogs enjoyment and happy owners knowing that no animals are being harmed. Unlike bones, ears, feet, raw-hides, bully sticks & even horns that must come from dead animals.

Chewing is as natural & healthy an activity for dogs as Elk Antler is for them to chew on.

Elk Antler – Ultimate Antler Dog ChewTM Benefits to Note:
     • Long Lasting
      Provides Natural Oral Health Care
     • Healthy source of Calcium, Glucosamine & Essential Minerals
     • Sustainable & Biodegradable
     • No Odour – No Mess – Will not Stain
     • Low Calorie
     • Perfect option for dogs with allergies or sensitive stomach
     • No Artificial Flavour, Colours or Preservatives